Mutation in Progress

"Man is a transitional being" Sri Aurobindo


At first in this artistic experiment, breaking the sculptures Is a symbolic gesture of  detachment which the artist has to reach in order to move towards a new creation as an illustration of this metaphor.
Then the collaboration of   5 complementary skills  takes place in a collective process where each one is interpreting the allegory in an unknown field ,where playing and letting go flirt together with only one goal : enjoying the process itself…


Description de l'installation :


In loop in alternance:
Video: « mutation in progress » mainly black and white allegory with scenes of breaking the sculptures  interwoven with Ana dancing the process  (3min)

Artists: Marie-Claire Barsotti , sculptor / Chloé Sanchez , audio artist / Christoph Pohl ,video artist / Ana  Rute Costa, dancer / Denis  Ben sussan , photograph  

Vidéo et son en boucle et en alternance :

Expositions  (sélection de photos)
Making of  (photos et vidéo)