Installations for JSW in Steel

Inner space… outer space…

“ Rendez vous with Vijayanagar”

Khaladdhan art museum in Vijayanagar.

From Nausheen Bari and Marie-Claire Barsotti


The trip to the scrap yard was a real joy for Nausheen and Marie Claire who were drawn to the same pieces and concept of the two projects took place naturally, directly on site.

Wheels of Life


From three rusty steel wheels found on the scrap yard

Coated with Gold inside.


Concept: Circle as the symbol of the whole.

What may appear rusty and useless outside keeps gold inside and gold symbolizes Light in every being.


The three wheels are in a different state of rust and age… as three ages in life: the clean round one represents the young age, the middle one, middle age with a little deformation and the third one old age with all marks of time and shape changing.





From twelve rusty steel wires columns found in the scrap yard  erected in a circle with a light rope in each in the center from top to bottom.


Concept: 12 is the symbol of the whole in many traditions, we erected them in circle as a Cairn.

Some of the scrap wire columns are crooked…

But what may appear as crooked may be just the right way for some to reach the Divine….








From Marie Claire Barsotti


From Chaos to Peace


It all started with the concept “inner space…outer space…” During our first artists meeting this Buddha silhouette, sitting on top of a hill, waiting for sun set to shine through it appeared to me.

As a therapist and an artist I always have as an inspiration in my  art work for the process of transformation and alchemy, the concept of healing through reaching the inner space, symbolized by Buddha of Compassion and Gold.

But what is most interesting is the inner process this creation guided me through. At first, meeting a lot of doubt from the already loaded with work metal team, I really experimented Chaos, stress, as a start and gave up the idea and drifted to another concept: the dreamer.

 Suddenly a motto from the Buddha struck me: “Never give up!”Overcoming the frustration of not realizing a deep inner project,this gave me the energy to give it a try despite the short time and the stress… and magic operated! On this auspicious day of Lord Shri Vishwakarma Puja the work started.


From different sizes, shape scrap material welded together, a silhouette of the Buddha is cut out, in the center letting an empty place of peace.

For many people to reach inner peace is a real struggle with their own resistances and chaotic experiences.

This is why the scrap pieces are left as such in their roughest state, showing all welding points and holes, rust patterns as a symbol of life imprints on their matter.

The gold lines are representing these moments of grace in life.

The empty Buddha as a symbol of the inner space where there is no struggle gives the opportunity to create a flow in life.


Not so far is installed the cut out Buddha, painted with a shower of gold, the path of light, peaceful.




 The dreamer


With his peaceful face drawn inside and his light body, the dreamer stands alone dreaming his life to co-create it…

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