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Conferences and Seminars

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MCB has translated and organized seminars for Dr Laskow in France from 2003 to 2009.
She is transmitting his teachings from 2009 with a lot of gratitude.
She is co-writer of “ petit cahier d ‘exercice de stimulation des forces de guérison par l ‘amour” with  Dr Anne Van Stappen and is working on an adaptation for teenagers and children.


“When the Mind calms down and the heart stops, the truth of who we really are in its deepest sens is revealed to us” Dr Laskow » – Dr Laskow


The quest for Love stops when we discovers it is always present inside.
Coming back to unity through this loving Presence, beyond conditionings and concepts, this enormous  energy we are using to maintain illusion of separation fro Source is liberated.Then , using conscious choice,with attention and intention,this energy can be used to heal the physical body ( mine or other’s body), solve emotional problems,and help spiritual opening.
This work is a bridge between ancestral wisdom and actual scientific research on the efficiency of energy of Love in the healing fields.

Seminar “introduction to Holoenergetic®”

Love , subtle healing energy for cellular reprogramation



  1. Learn to dive into one inner self in a very efficient manner using very specific  visualizations and breathing, that Dr Laskow developed last 30 years ( Conscious heart focus,heart coherence, balancing breath, intuitive co creator...) to help self healing and healing others.

  2. Learn with dowsing rods to measure influence of thoughts (positive, negative) and the changes they make on our energy field,or on food, plants animals,measure the effect of our treatment...etc

  3. Learn with Unconditioned Love Force of Intention  to charge water, food, stones (or clean them) harmonize chakras or extract negative charges with hands and intention to clean or harmonize energy fields.

  4.  Learn the very profound "forgiveness process" to allow energy to unblock.

  5. Experiment "tracing process" (3 days  seminars only) to transform belief systems, a powerful exercise to change patterns.


These practices are a true life hygiene They help physical, emotional and spiritual healing by allowing access to a loving inner presence.



I found in Holoenergetic-Laskow a very powerful tool beyond all I had thought. Thank you Marie-Claire for your beautiful accompaniment ....


What a great depth and sparkle! A truly harmonious simplicity and correctness that nourished me and beyond ... Depth and lightness, Love and sharing ... transmission, reconnection to Self …Fluidity and healing ... Thanks to Marie-Claire for her very beautiful presence and  radiance, her  listening and trust in the highest  Help of Light ...


Finally a method that works for me ... so simple and yet based on the research of a scientist who give total credibility, for the skeptics of the new age methods ...


This therapeutic practice has the advantage of combining a work of understanding and energy. In addition, holoenergetic  relies on a dynamic that is far from negligible, the heart.

And what better than to place oneself in the energy of the heart to do a work of healing? ...


... Thank you for this course, I take this opportunity to tell you that "I have done" a session of holoenergetic thanks to the CD that you recorded. With the help of the paper documents, I worked conscientiously on a trauma that surfaced and after a significant emotional discharge, a little unexpected nevertheless, I came out completely unobstructed. Like a little miracle! Thank you again for this wonderful work.


 I experienced several times the Holoenergetic with Marie-Claire and found that it helped me to go further inside the understanding of my inner being. This approach brings, according to my experiences, a possibility to transform blockages and resistances into fluidity and receptivity. For me, Marie-Claire belongs to the Healer's Family and knows how to let it happens... Much Love,


 All my gratitude for letting me know HOLOENERGETIC .it’s a full therapy, at the service of evolution of the being though love and light. XXI centuary is opening to self knowledge and I think Holoenergetic is in that new field of modern therapeutic… Go on your way, we need your workshops to move forward

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