Work in schools and health centers.

« A falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest » – Gandhi.

Adaptation of the technique of Holoenergetic® to the world of education.

As a former nursery school teacher, I have a special contact with children and interest for education. I worked for 18 years in France and it is in my kindergarten class in the 14th district of Paris that I first experienced the alignments and conscious breathing. I noticed how beneficial it was to the children to use them on a daily base: introvert children opened up and agitated children calmed down.

Back to India in 2009 I reproduced the experiment by sharing these teachings with various teachers in the community of Auroville and the surrounding villages.

In the Thamarai Health Center the head nurse is now training the surrounding  governmental schools’ teachers as well as the health workers of the area spreading these beneficial techniques to the region.

Another collective adaptation of the techniques is at Oli school which hosts village children from 2 to 6 years old in the village of Kuylapalayam .

Montessori and integral education inspired pedagogy combine very well with the Holoenergetic® daily practices for children. They are calm and centered despite the fact that they are 111 in total this year.




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Breathing techniques, visualizations, alignment practices with children in Thamarai

After doing transpersonal alignments with them, we noticed the children seeing how important the energy was, how important it is to have a positive mind, and the consequences in their lives and behaviors. In their lives it is a specific and powerful key for them, to maintain and balance their body and mind.

In order to encourage the kids to remember those practices, we follow up every day: a few minutes alignment before starting other programs is our routine.


Results with groups of children: over 200 children are involved over a period of 2 to 3 years

  • We teach them about alignment (breathing techniques, visualizations), explain the energy routes. Each child’s energy is checked, before and after the alignment. We help them visualize the energy routes, and they start to realize and believe these things. Then, they want to increase their energy even more and do more experiments with us… not like a game playfully, but like something more serious. We have to make it easy to understand for them how the energy works: if they had more or less energy in their body, what would be the consequences in their behaviors, their everyday lives and activities. If they wanted to get more energy, they understood they had to do the exercises every day, regularly. If they did bad things, if they had bad thoughts or bad behaviors… we showed them what was the impact on their energy by checking it… and they could see themselves that it was low.

  • One time 10 children were sitting (8 or 9 years old), and one complained about stomach ache. We asked how long he had the pain, what happened, and what he ate, etc. The other boys around, immediately said “do the healing practice with the water”… it made the trainer laugh inside, and made her feel so good that her teaching gave fruits!

  • A group of 12 to 15 year old children measure the energy of water in a glass. Through alignment technique, mantras, chanting, visualization, positive attitude, the energy of the water increases. We check their body energy before AND after they drink the water, and they see themselves the difference! They learn this technique as self healing practice: when they get sick, they know they can use this method. Some of them do (coughing, cold), and say they get better. We have noticed that the children practice seriously even when the teacher/trainer is not with them. They do not take it as a game.

  • Some children practices daily with plants and animals at home, giving them more energy. They told the plants were growing much better, and their animals were healed.

  • Last year we did small experiment with 13 year old children, with 2 pots of plants. One pot was given mantras, alignment exercises with the children every day (they did it themselves). The other pot was only given regular water, like a normal plant. They saw the difference in the growth, one was healthier and bigger, it started flowering first; the other one has no flower even after 4 months! They understand that love and care is so important, even to plants around them.



Some testimonies with individuals:

  • A trainer: I explained the energy to my family, they are learning from me. They believe in it. 

  • School teachers around, came to learn our techniques for themselves first. They wanted to understand how the energy increases in our body and then, in the place around us, the importance to harmonize the people around. Today they are trying to transmit it in their classroom, to get good energy vibrations. They say they actually feel there is more light and harmony in their class.

  • We did some work with the cleaning lady of the Health Center: we check with her the energy of the H Center (dirty corners, beautiful corner), before and after she cleaned them. We explained to her the concept of the energy in this place, and the impact on her, on us, on the patients coming for treatments, etc. After 3 years now, she even feels the energy herself, and starts cleaning when needed, putting incents, without anybody telling her. She changed her behaviors to give more beauty to the place, it is beautiful to observe that. It also helped her understand her life at home, and make some changes like, keeping it cleaner and in order.

  • School children: The girls at school, after learning the techniques, start to think “unity, equality” and for example, they start cleaning what is not theirs, they start cleaning even the village temple without anybody asking them. At school they try to make things more organized, in the class room and in the whole school, and anybody can observe it is better. It helps their school teachers too! The boys also help more their mothers at home, and are more neat at school.

  • An 8 year old boy used to come for the class; he was absolutely not focused, no concentration at all, always talking, laughing, not listening, making other children do the same. He even used to still things from others, taking stuff from them. He was alone because the other kids were not friends with him. He started to practice the alignment exercises, understand how the energy works. He started to change, and now 4 years later, he is the best student in class, very focused, and we take him as an example for other children! He stopped his old bad behaviors, and is totally another child who makes the trainer very happy: he is even teaching and counseling other children to do what he did! He used to get warnings at school and now when the teachers need help they call him!

  • A 13 years old boy used to kill birds and beat dogs… I called him asked him to visualize what he was doing outside, and we measured the energy, which was very low. We explained to him, how his body would work without energy (no happiness, sickness, etc). We asked him to visualize birds sitting on his head, giving love to the dogs, and to good to all the animals… we measured his energy, it was bigger and bigger… he could see it! We explained him, how his body and mind would work now if he stayed with those new habits (strength, happiness). His mind switched and he started to love more the animals around him.  All this happened over one month time: we followed up every day for about a month in the evening. We heard from the other children a year later that this boy was no more killing birds, or beating dogs, and he was more positive in his mind and had quiet behavior. That story was very powerful and impacted the other children of the class: we asked them often how they felt, and then to visualize their energy… by visualizing more positive things, they started to behave differently, helping each other (sharing the material, giving pens, stopped quarrelling so much…

  • When they had negative thoughts (like beating each other up, stealing), we helped them feel inside what happened (tiredness, headaches, fear, etc), then they understood and decided to do only the positive for themselves and for others (helping their mothers, doing good to their brothers and sisters, help cooking, cleaning).