Marie-Claire Barsotti lives in Auroville most of the year where she shares her time between Art (paint, sculpture and collective installations) and coaching through holistic astrology and Holoenergetic® from Dr Laskow. She teaches it to health practitioners, social workers and teachers of Auroville community and surrounding villages as a tool to develop concentration, self-confidence, grounding and team bonding. The profit of sales of her art work is channeled to Auroville projects through her AV activity" Holoenergetic® consultancies".


Marie-Claire is co-author of the book Petit cahier d'exercices de stimulation des forces de guérison par l'Amour (published in French and translated into Spanish, German and Dutch) and lately author of the book Petit cahier d'exercices pour aider son enfant à écouter et transformer ses émotions par la méditation, both published in France by the editions Jouvence.

She co-animated twice a year with Dr Laskow the Holoenergetic® therapist training seminars in France until 2014.Since 2018 she spends more time in France in Nice  (French Riviera) developing her art network and coaching in the corporate world ( Stress management , team building through meditation, art, and self awareness.)