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Marie-Claire Barsotti alias MCB

Namasté !



Aim See Be...

Am I a Designer? A Painter? A Sculptor? A Therapist? A Life Coach?... I never liked labels as they fit you in a box and the goal of life is to free ourselves from any limitation, so that the reality of who we really are can reveal itself.


The only thing I know is that being in this creative space, whatever form it takes, is the quickest way for me to allow me to connect to Oneness, nourishing with this joy inside, loosing sense of time and space by trying to translate Life into matter.

Professional experience
2019: Nice, France
2016-2018: Auroville

Project of paintings for interiors in Hyderabad (

“Totems” : creation of monumental sculptures in granite and glass for landscape company Progress (

"Inner space, Outer space: rencontre with Vijayanagar" art camp with JSW Steel (see press for details)


Since 2011, Auroville

Exploration of a new field: painting and color…


2010-2011: Auroville/Pondicherry 

"Mutation  in  Progress": collective installation together with a photographer, a video artist and a sound artist. Hanging cocoons with broken recomposed beings inside, trying to go out of this matrix, light games, video, sound, photos…

Today’s mankind, broken, primordial pulp in reconstruction, essential step of the caterpillar from which the imaginative cells can dream the future step of the butterfly, symbol of a new lighter and luminous world…


2007-2009: between Paris and Auroville/Pondicherry :

« Les corps impatients » Sculpturines (Quest for light through an etherical medium, trying to express essence of the beings.)

« Résonances » Collective installation showing inter-connection between sun, cosmos, earth and beings … Unity in diversity. With the collaboration of 21 Auroville artists and designers who gave a body to my archetypal heads.


2003-2007: Paris 

Sculpture: « Dialogue avec le vivant » (clay, pigments, gouache) strong emotions hidden behind derision. Multiple dialogs between archetypal characters with automatic writings on their bodies.

Clay modeling training « Ateliers du Petit Parc » (with Master Frédéric Marquis, prix de Rome). 


1993-2003: Auroville /Pondicherry (India) 

Design / prototypes of decoration items for Auroville ( and for gallery Eléments (Paris).

Interior decoration / with Auroform architects (Pondicherry), in charge of interior decoration through out  India.

Totem sculptures / broken textured glass, oil, metal and gold leaf for these sites. (Private collections)

Selection of a small totem for Indian cinema awards (best actor M. Nagarjuna)


1987-1993: Paris

Jewelry Artist

Permanent exhibitions « Limited edition » or One of a kind (Paris Museum of Modern Art boutique, Galerie « l’avant  Musée » Beaubourg, Galerie Marie Zisswiller Paris 16).

1991: Paris Auction (Drouot), artists objects and jewelry pieces.

1992 to 1993: Glass Thermoform and fusing (ADAC). 

Exhibition of thermoformed and fused glass decoration objects in Paris Museum of modern art boutique.


1983-1985 : London

Jewelry design

Sarah Mills artistic and costume jewelry school (London). One of a kind precious metal and costume jewelry accessories.

1985: Jewelry design for African designer Chimel

1986: Collective exhibition « Artistes français à Londres » (South Kensington Gallery)



2019: Sculptures and Paintings

Fev–"Art for Land", collective, Unity pavilion (Auroville, India) 

March– "Kalpana" Collective, Kalpana project (Auroville, India)

Oct–  " Square circle" Collective (Auroville, India)

2018: Sculptures and Paintings

Feb – "Art for Land", collective, Unity pavilion (Auroville, India) 

2017: Sculptures and Paintings

Sept – "Lignes de force", duo, Kalinka Art Gallery (Pondicherry, India)

June – "Multivers", solo, Galerie du Forum 104 (Paris, France)

Feb – "Art for Land", collective, Unity pavilion (Auroville, India)

2016: Sculpture, installations and Paintings

Nov – "Inner space - outer space", collective, JSW Steel Campus (Vijayanagar, India)

June – "L'art au jardin", collective, Arixi (Auvers sur Oise, France)

June – "Peintures intuitives", solo, Galerie de l'Entrepôt (Paris, France)

Feb – "Intuitive paintings", solo, Pitanga (Auroville, India)

2015: Sculpture and Paintings

Dec – “Peinture lumière”, solo, Galerie Art Diaphragme (Auxerre, France)

Nov – “Peinture Intuitive”, solo, Galerie Art Diaphragme (Auxerre, France)

Sept – “Auroville United”, collective, Gallery Art World (Chennai, India)

2014: Sculpture and Paintings

Full year – "Neelanjani", collective, Temporary gallery at Visitor’s center (Auroville, India)

June – "L'art au jardin", collective, Arixi (Auvers sur Oise, France)

2013: Sculpture and Paintings

Full year – "Neelanjani", collective, Temporary gallery at Visitor’s center (Auroville, India)

April – “Blue”, collective, Henk’s petite ferme (Auroville, India)

Jan – “Red”, collective, Kalakendra Art Gallery (Auroville, India)

2012: Installation

Sept – “Mutation in progress”, collective project “Transformation”, Indian International Center (Delhi, India) 

2011: Sculpture and installation

Nov – "Etats d’âmes", solo, Galerie l’Escale (Migennes, France)

Sept – “Mutation in progress”, collective installation, Kalakendra Art Gallery (Auroville, India)

2010: Sculpture

Till 2012 – Permanent exhibition, collective, Galerie Sylvia B (St Paul de Vence, France)

July – “Mutation in progress”, collective installation, Radiance (Auroville, India)

2009: Sculpture

July – Collective exhibition, Galerie Rustinoff (St Paul de Vence, France)

Mai – "Rencontre avec l’Inde et Auroville", collective, Salle Claude Debussy (Joigny, France)

2008: Sculpture

Oct – Honorary Guest at « Salon des éditeurs indépendants », collective, Town hall 6ème arrondissement (Paris, France)

Aug – Biennale internationale de sculpture, collective, Caumont sur Durance (Avignon, France)

July – "Résonance", collective installation, Radiance (Auroville, India)

June – Collective Exhibition, Galerie ARCIMA (Paris, France)

May – "Place aux artistes !", collective street festival (Paris, France)

March – "États d’âmes", solo, Espace Prunelle (Joigny, France)

Jan – "États d’âmes", solo, Cabinet Ben sussan (Paris, France) 

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