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Life Coaching



(my soul honor your soul, I honor the space inside you where the whole universe resides.

I honor light, Love, Truth, Beauty, Peace inside you because it is also inside me.
Sharing this we are united, same, One.)
Wonderful Sanscrit that resumes all with One word.











Individual Coaching


Holistic astrology.


In Auroville in India and by skype
In Paris on Mondays and Tuesdays during my visits to France (May & June; Nov & Dec)


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Conferences and Seminars


Initiation and therapist training in Holoenergetic® (Dr Laskow)


In Auroville ( India) and in France ( Nov, May & June)


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work in schools


Seminar “introduction to Holoenergetic®”
Love , subtle healing energy for cellular reprogramation


In Auroville (India) and in the neighboring villages.


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