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Painter of the subtle worlds

After a career as a jewelry designer and then as an interior decorator that led her to sculpture, Marie-Claire Barsotti now devotes herself to painting. She spent 24 years based in the international community of Auroville in India, while keeping in touch with the French design and artistic community that she visited every year for the past 12 years.

However, the current period suggests a significant evolution in the artist’s work. 

Indeed, 2019 is a return to unexpected sources: a visa problem and a complex family situation repatriate her to Nice, her hometown, with a feeling of exile in her own country. 
It was a dramatic change, a new beginning; against all expectations, this experience now opens up an unexpected path between the two worlds, since the doors of India are once again open to her.

The presence of India is there, as a watermark, like a breath.

“I make art without taboos, mixing paint and materials often in unpredictable ways, according to my inspiration. I spend most of the time in a contemplative or even meditative phase, then I paint, as if I were teleguided” she explains.

To vibrate, to resonate, to give subtlety a face, to embody the light and energy of life in matter, to give colors and forms to emotions… her work is a permanent quest for the expression of the Being, carried out in an intuitive, even instinctive way.


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