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From 2003 to 2009, after a carrier of 15 years of jewelry than interior design, MCB explore sculpture under supervision of Master Frédéric Marquis (Rome Price), “If design enabled me all these years to play with Forms and Matter, sculpture today allows me to have a dialogue with Emotion and Human beings. What is important to me, is that the person looking at the sculptures creates a playful and evolving dialogue, where all interpretations and exchanges are possible, inviting an active participation in this creative process … “

Here is a collection of sculptures , representing that work realized from 2005 till today, classified by main material.

Clay and Bronze




Sharing strong emotions through clay that distance and derision help canalize. Figures dialog between themselves and display their moods written on their body.


» Click here to see the collection of sculptures in Terracotta and Bronze

Acrylic glass




These limited series in resin of some clay sculptures allow to play with transparency and light, as a mean to incarnate essence of the sculpture.


» Click here to see the collection of sculptures in acrylic glass


2014 à ce jour

Stainless steel


Etheric material to translate invisible, as a sketch of the character


» Click here to see the collection of sculptures in metal


2008 till today

Mixed media


Collective projects where each artist brings his uniqueness : unity in diversity.


» Click here to see the installations

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