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Meeting the other one can go through art and construction of a collective symbolic project where each one brings his uniqueness


If you want to go fast - go alone

If you want to go far - go together


Collective installations concept and realization with Aurovilian artists. Click on photos to access the different projects

Resonances - Unity in Diversity

2008 - 2011


“In the forest, when the branches quarrel the roots embrace”
                                                                         African proverb


Being conscious that we all are interconnected and that above all differences exist a Unity field, a Heart language which dissolves all conflicts at their conception.


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Mutation in Progress - installation

2010 - 2012


Is actual world chaos  a necessary step to a new humanity ?

As for the imaginative cells that will induce the butterfly to appear in the cocoon, the state of the caterpillar as primordial pulp is compulsory…


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JSW  in Steel
Inner Space and Outer Space - 2016


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